Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

Hardwood floor resurfacing is a great touch because it’s noninvasive to your home and your family. It doesn’t affect the color or integrity of the wood or create any airborne dust or fumes! Our process is completely green (good for your family and our staff). There is no reason to vacate your home. Resurfacing is the most cost effective value-added home improvement tactic. The best part is the price and time requirement – it’s only 99¢ per sq. ft. and can be finished within hours, not days. To resurface a hardwood floor, we remove just the existing finish. This process takes care of surface scratches, scuffs, dull areas or any discoloration that may have occured. We also apply a polyurethane product that’s been engineered specifically for this application on hardwood floors. Learn more about resurfacing.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If a floor has deep scratches, warped boards or other damage then refinishing will typically be the best service. Applying a refinishing look on your hardwood flooring can be a great investment, adding tons of value to your home. Despite being more expensive than resurfacing, refinishing is still much more affordable than completely replacing your hardwood. Eager investors, new homeowners and other customers looking to bring out some of their home’s true beauty take advantage of our refinishing services in Akron, OH. Your floors will be sanded to bare wood, then stained, sealed and coated with the highest quality polyurethane available. Of course, just like the paint on a classic car, we sand between coats of polyurethane to ensure a spectacular, deep finish. Learn more about refinishing.